BBL in Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL (abbreviation), Butt augmentation with fat grafting, Gluteal augmentation with fat transfer, Buttock fat transfer, Buttock reshaping with fat grafting, Fat injection buttock augmentation, Gluteoplasty with fat transfer

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Quick Tips

Length of procedures

2-3 hours

Recovery period

7-10 days to get back to work


After 2 – 3 weeks


1 night in hospital, 5 nights in hotel




No due to general anesthesia

What is BBL (Brazilian butt lift)?

The majority of the ladies must be familiar with the acronym BBL, but what does it mean? BBL surgery, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, involves injecting fat that has been suctioned from other parts of the body into the butt to enhance volume, regain youthful appearance, and lift it. The BBL surgery can give the bum a rounder contour or improve the appearance of saggy buttocks.


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What are the benefits of BBL (brazilian butt lift) Turkey?

These procedures offer many advantages. One of these advantages is the formation of lower body folds. It’s crucial that the hips develop a larger structure as well. Due to the lipids employed in the filling step, other bodily components can also be shaped concurrently.

The natural appearance of the results is greatly enhanced by the use of the patient’s own fat tissue; BBL outcomes are very successful and natural due to the most recent fat transfer technique carried out by cutting-edge medical technology.

One of the most significant benefits of BBL surgery is the removal of fat from the patient’s back, sides, belly, and waist. It indicates that the affected individuals’ bodies will look like sand clocks.

Natural contour of the buttocks.

Improved sense of self.

Correction of the buttocks’ asymmetry.


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Recovery after BBL in turkey

Brazilian butt lift recovery is typically painless, but it still needs to be handled with proper care and attention to preserve the results and avoid complications.

Every patient may suffer these common side effects for varying amounts of time, including bruising, edema, and minor soreness in the buttocks and liposuction areas.

The recovery time for a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is between 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, it’s crucial to rest and let the body fully recover. You cannot sit or lay down directly on your buttocks because the treatment is done there. Sleeping on your side or stomach will prevent pressure from being placed on the wounds.

Who is a suitable candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

People who have a suitable amount of body fat and no diseases that could prevent the operation from going as planned are good candidates. The initial consultation will include a personal evaluation to measure your suitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is BBL Turkey?

Without first consulting a doctor, it is impossible to estimate the Turkey BBL cost because each patient may have different needs, and various hospitals and doctors may also influence the final Turkey BBL cost. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn how much BBL would cost you in Turkey.

Are BBL dangerous?

The BBL procedure is not particularly risky. The danger of bbl surgery is the same as that of all other surgeries.

How long till I'm back to doing what I normally do?

Some activities, including starting a career that doesn’t need constant sitting, can be resumed in a matter of days. Wait six weeks before engaging in strenuous activities, such as your regular workout routine.

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey give a permanent result?

Yes, a BBL surgery can result in a long-lasting outcome. But you must keep your weight within a healthy range. If not, your physical appearance can change. Your BBL cost Turkey will most definitely be worthwhile if you take care of this.

Will a BBL make my butt bigger?

The purpose of a Brazilian Butt Lift is to lift and tighten up your butt rather than to change its size. It will definitely look better, and also bigger.

Is BBL suitable for me?

Almost anyone can do a BBL in Turkey. Although women are the majority of those getting Brazilian butt lifts in Turkey, guys can also have one. Their body will become stronger at a cheap BBL Turkey price.


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